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Dunkin Himalayans and Exotics
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                            C F A World Show 2012
                      Convention Center Columbus, Ohio
                                 We had a blast!!
Garfield holding Cowboy!  Cowboy looks thrilled, doesn't he?
Garfield and Seader.
Seader with Cowboy and his 2nd best Exotic ribbon!!!
Seader showing me how I should hold Cowboy!!!
Seader and Rain.
Dunkin's You Had Me At Hello, Cream Point Himalayan  
Debbie and Patroit.  He is a beautiful boy!!!
The Gang!!
Rain X Custard 
Moments and pictures that are very special to me.
Parson Brown
Molly McGee 
Great Lakes Regional Show and Banquet.  
Diana Wardrope, Ed & Jodell Raymond, Judy Dunkin, Scott Renno and Cristine Arnold.
Garfield, Judy and Alberto.
Shorty. My very first Exotic!
CH Tombrock's Cesare of Dunkin
Dunkin's 2016-2017 CFA Grands
GC Dunkin's Desperado
GC RW Karabel Cowboy of Dunkin x CH Ivy Cat Freezing Rain of Dunkin
GLR4 2016-2017 2nd Best of Color Class
GC Dunkin's Not My First Rodeo
GC RW Karabel Cowboy of Dunkin x CH Spellbound Velour of Dunkin
GLR4 2016-2017 Best of Breed Kitten and Best of Color Class
GC Dunkin's Cherry Season
GC RW Karabel Cowboy of Dunkin x CH Dunkin's Ola
GLR4 2016-2017 3rd Best of Breed and Best of Color Class
Kittens with Santa.  Taken at Edgewood Veterinary Hospital. 2018. Winter, AKA Loki and Drummer.
GC Dunkin's Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum      
AKA Drummer. Summer 2019.
Msango AKA Stripes 2019 kitten
Owned and loved by Kay Brown